Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Github: Who needs it?

Do you ever think that you just don't want all your code on Github? I mean it's only a quick hack right?

Truth is, once you start using git you probably use it automatically for all your code, but you don't always want all your code floating around the net. What about those hard-coded email addresses and API tokens, or those references to your private net servers?

The answer is probably so simple that you have just overlooked it. You don't need to set up a local git server or hire one from Amazon. All you need to do is use DropBox or Ubuntu One as your remote origin repository.

Here's how, using Ubuntu One on Ubuntu:

Write a short shell script something like this and save it on your path as repo.sh.

Now when you want to create a new repository all you have to do is:

If you use Python and virtualenv you may be interested in the slightly extended script at http://pythonic-apis.blogspot.com/2012/01/using-ubuntu-one-as-git-repository.html.

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