Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Who is Installing gbrainy?

While I was flicking through the metrics from installion.co.uk last night I was shocked by just how many hits the Debian and Ubuntu installation pages for gbrainy had had. It seems that from virtually out of nowhere a while back, an increasing number of people are trying to install it on a linux box and it made me wonder why.

The way I look at it there can only be two reasons:

  1. It's just really good and so is spreading virally.
  2. Everyone is being asked to install it by some educational or training body - maybe it's on some curriculum somewhere.

Having Goggled around and wasted more time than I really should have I came up with nothing except that Edubuntu comes with it installed (and surely schools are using that?)

Anyway, if you have any ideas then let me know. Meanwhile I'm just sitting here playingr gbrainy like the rest of them.

There's a neat article here

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