Sunday, 8 July 2012

Hosting Domains on Your Domestic Broadband Connection

It's not ideal, but it is possible to host your own domain(s) on your home broadband connection. Find out how.

Hosting on a Budget?
I showed you in my previous last Nginx & uWSGI Living Together in Your Shed how to set up your own Nginx server to serve WSGI applications like Flask, Django, Bottle, Pyramid etc. This allows you to host your own applications on the cheap. All you need is any old server right?

Well sort of. I mean it's cheap enough to buy your own domain name and you probably will want to, but when you are filling in the registration what do you enter when it asks for your DNS servers?

Static IPs can be bought or leased from IP providers and this makes it possible to host your own DNS services. However most of us have dynamic IP addresses at home because our IP providers keep their costs down by buying big blocks of addresses and dynamically allocating us one from the deck each time we need one, and sometimes for their own maintenance reasons too. 

This means your IP address will change from time to time. 

To get around this you can use a dynamic DNS service such as who will point your domain name at your new IP address every time it changes. Cool. Their service is simple, clear and cheap (or even free). I'll let you investigate that yourself, but the main thing is that when you buy your domain name, you need to fill in the DNS bit using the dynamic DNS server names that they provide.

The final thing is: How do you know when your dynamic IP address changes and how do you inform your dynamic DNS service when it happens? Well, for my own purposes I wrote a little script which will do this for you, it checks if your IP has changed and if it has it calls the special callback URL that freedns and others supply you with. 

You can find it here:

Good luck fellow traveller.

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